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In today's highly competitive and globalised world, Survival of the Fastest is the KEY. This makes global scale operations and fast response to Customer at best cost imperative.
As Industry matures, it inevitably leads to consolidation. The Big 3-4 Organisations eventually scale up by acquiring the smaller players, even at a premium, since it costs less than to set up a similar operation. This makes M&A attractive for both – the acquirer by way of an immediate ready-to-roll-out operation at lower costs than a green-field project and to the acquired by way of a premium that makes sense rather than fade out slowly due to sustained losses that makes it unviable to face the other larger players.

Here, A.KINI & Co provides:

Survey and feasibility studies that justify the amalgamation.

The legalities under the Indian system is readily made available.

Valuation and due diligence to verify the financials as well the Human Capital in terms of mapping knowledge skills base and employee profile to exactly know where extra capabilities are going to happen. This helps in making the amalgam successful, durable and profitable by way of buy-out at right valuation yet with a humane touch.