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What is Market intelligence?

First things first! Many organisations see market intelligence as a cost rather than an
investment and hence the bitter fact that so much remains to be done on market
intelligence when it comes to strategizing one’s marketing & sales plan.
I strongly advocate continuous investment in MI, as this article will show, the value
you get and benefits that accrue far outweigh your costs incurred proving beyond
doubt that MI is indeed an investment rather than cost. continue

Union Budget 2010-11 Simplified

Explained in simple language that is easy to understand makes the Union Budget easy to decipher. This should help all professionals to not only fully understand the Budgets implications but also analyse its impact on once business.

To read the full article continue

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the LLP Act, 2008 of India
– Simplified for Business owners

LLP is the latest corporate business constitution that combines the best of both worlds- those of a limited liability company and a partnership firm.

Revamping your Website? How to get the most out of it

Ideally, websites should be revamped every 6 months for Organisations in software, web technology or online marketing. Another measure is if your website is one that people visit daily or frequently, like say news sites, then you need to deliver fresh content matching this visit frequency and a new look every 6 months. continue

Knowledge Management - A Life Time Experience

IN BOTH THE GREAT epics of India, Ramayan and Mahabharata, war ends not with celebration of victory but with transmission of knowledge. In the Ramayan, Ravan lies mortally wounded on the battlefield and the monkeys are celebrating their victory, when Ram turns to his brother, Lakshman, and says, "While Ravan was a brute, he was also a great scholar. Go to him quickly and request him to share whatever knowledge he can." continue

7 ways to stretch your marketing budget

MARKETING isn't just an expense; it's an investment. The key is to market smarter and fully utilise your marketing budget. Here are seven ways to stretch your marketing rupees and increase your bottom-line profits. continue

Power Communication

You may have a string of degrees tagged to your name, but still be at sea when it comes to expressing your views, ideas in a precise, correct and interesting manner. One doesn’t need to use high-flying language to impress, but speaking correctly, paying attention to usage of words, grammar, tone, etc can take you a long way. continue

Seven ways to avoid the growth traps

So, your startup has become successful and is all set for the growth phase.
Good luck, but take care to avoid the following traps
. continue

14 Lessons from Failure

  • Start up is not a summer project:
    Either give your 100% to it or call it quits.
  • Communication gap is inevitable:
    No matter how hard you try, someone will either miss an important piece of information or mis- interpret it.