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Customised Software Developement

Based on Knowledge acquired by virtue of our having successfully completed projects across various Industry sectors / domains and vouched by our Clients as useful, A.KINI & Co strongly advocates Customised Software Solutions as summarised below:
We are confident of its usefulness in your decision-making process.
One Size doesn’t Fit All: Just like ready-made garments do not comfortably fit everyone of the same size category, Organisations in the same Industry sector having similar products or services do not work under similar conditions, processes and systems. Each has their own customs, style, work-ethics, systems and methods. Off-The-Shelf Software (OTSS) doesn’t even think about this, leave aside addressing possibilities of this issue. Customised Software Solution scores heavily over OTSS on this one single point itself.

Make Software work for you and not work for the Software: Customised Software solutions work as per your business processes and needs, causing least business process re-engineering.This leads to minimum disruption and change in existing practices and systems,with minimal unlearning / learning by your personnel.

Pay ONLY for features, reports and interface you need: Even commonly used OTSS like word processors and spread sheets have many features that are never used by a majority of its users. Why pay for something that is not used / required? Customised software solutions simply scores over OTSS again, because only those features, reports, interface and user rights are built which your Organisation wants. This ensures complete usage of the software. Also, an indirect benefit we have studied is a psychological satisfaction among users due to the simple fact of using all features fully - gives a sense of having mastered the software.
Business strategy: You may require a specific solution to cope with your unique needs depending on client, supplier and distributor relationships.
Internal organization: Streamline all your internal processes into one Core software/database application for uniform Enterprise-wide availability.
Software lifecycle: Develop software solutions that have longer lifecycle with greater flexibility than OTSS packages.
System integration: For compatibility between existing and new applications with simple or web-based distributed interface.